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IT Security Tip #7: Did you know that your copier is spying on you…

IT Security Tip #7: Did you know that your copier is spying on you…

Modern business equipment has radically changed how we conduct everyday business. But do you realize that copiers and multifunction printers are also one of the leading causes of data breaches?

They are the one device on the network that commonly does not ever have the default password changed. After all, who would want to get in and copy your settings? There might be a different answer if you realize that quite often those copiers keep images of all pages scanned on an internal hard drive. Perfect for someone to anonymously access and steal social security records and sensitive business data.

Take steps to secure your MFP copier today.

Change – or ask your IT guy/gal to change – default passwords on ALL network-connected devices. Don’t forget this rule when the copier lease is up and a new one is installed! A few quick steps can save a lot of personal data breaches and a lot of security headaches down the road.


This rule applies to all digital devices in your home and office (router, modem, TV, refrigerator, thermostat, coffee maker, etc.

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