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Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce is a Good Neighbor in our Communities

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March 02, 2020
The Sullivan County Chamber is a Good Neighbor in our Communities
Often assumed a business support organization only, the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce is a good neighbor in all communities in Sullivan County and the region! The Chamber of Commerce does have one certain common denominator with our fellow Chambers, and that is to encourage and promote local business. While individuals who are residents in our community may be aware of the Chamber of Commerce, they probably think the Chamber’s efforts go mostly to the business community. Truly, all things the Chamber does for local businesses has a residual effect  on residents in and visitors to the community. Additionally, our Chamber also provides funds or helps raise funds for local charitable organizations, educational scholarships and projects in the community. Bringing retail businesses into the community and supporting existing businesses provides a greater tax base to support municipal functionality and community improvements. Having a diverse group of businesses also provides resources for residents who then do not have to travel long distances for their needs. Healthy business environments support prospering communities. Our Chamber often coordinates and sponsors community events. This gives businesses twofold opportunity to be involved with their community and to highlight and promote their business. These same events allow our communities safe and enjoyable environments where they can gather and participate in activities, while also taking notice of businesses who help bring these events to them. Business owners and employees have an opportunity to interact with residents and visitors in a relaxed environment and they benefit by the fact that familiarity encourages loyalty to local businesses. Consumers trust and feel more connected to local businesses who are committed to a Chamber of Commerce and who actively participate in and sponsor community events. Most Chambers like ours have minimal paid staff and require some budget for operating expenses. Beyond that, Chamber functions are primarily managed by Chamber members. Active Chamber members, who are the backbone of Chamber operations, are volunteer business owners and managers who donate their time, or their employees to be a moving force to accomplish Chamber goals. Some members are employees who  donate their own personal time to participate in Chamber activities. Why do they do this? They do this because they care deeply about their community and supporting local business and residential needs. The Sullivan County Chamber is a mechanism to advance business and community continuity and improvements. All members have the same goal and that is to make things better, not only on a personal and business level, but on a community level.
The Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce is the members who are your neighbors in your community. They have invested in their community by locating their business here and then further committed their investment by being a part of the Chamber of Commerce to do good things for a great reason – to support our community!
You can help support the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce continue to be a good neighbor in our communities by attending our Annual Fundraiser Passport to Paradise on April 18th at the Kartrite Resort and Indoor Water Park. For more information visit our web site at or by calling 845-791-4200.  And, if you own a business in the county, please consider joining the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce, “Your Partner for Success” and good neighbor!

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