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The Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop is thrilled to present the delightful musical ''Disney's The Little Mermaid'' at the Rivoli Theatre in South Fallsburg.

The Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop is thrilled to present the delightful musical "Disney's The Little Mermaid" at the Rivoli Theatre in South Fallsburg.
More than just a visual feast, SCDW's rendition of this classic combines story, song and inventive staging into something that lifts our spirits and renews our faith that theatre for "children" can be enjoyed by children of all ages!
Based on the 1989 Disney film and original story by Hans Christian Anderson, this show, directed by Dawn Perneszi, Choreography by Mekayla Rayne, fantastic costume design by Heather Strauss, with Stage Manager Bunny Woloszczak, and Technical Direction by Grace Summa, will appeal to all.
This is the story of Ariel (Mekayla Rayne), who is a delightfully talented young mermaid who lives in an underwater kingdom with her very powerful father, King Triton (Rich Quinn) and is the youngest of six jealous sisters (Melissa McTague, Julia Wysakinska, Anna Puleo, Allie Porter, Megan Langland, Melissa Fleckenstein). One day, while swimming with her friend Flounder (Amber Schmidt), she notices the charming and handsome Prince Eric (Jeremy Velasquez), and falls in love with him.  Longing to be human, Ariel's watchful eyes on the prince ultimately saves him from drowning during a storm, and before she swims away, he hears her beautiful singing voice.
Meanwhile the Evil Sea Witch Ursula (Heather Strauss) and her cohorts Flotsam (Jean Eifert) and Jetsom (Melissa McTague) lure Ariel into a deal to trade her voice for human legs. Watching over Ariel is King Triton's trusty advisor, Sebastian (Kristopher Rosengrant) who is doing his best to hold it all together and guide Ariel, while she is being comically misinformed by the lovable Scuttle (Keith Prince) on how to act Human. Things turn into a recipe for disaster that even Chef Louis (Anna Puleo) would be proud of! Show dates at the Rivoli Theatre are August 12, 13, 19 & 20 evenings at 8:00PM and August 14 & 21 matinees  at 2:00PM. General admission is $18.
Seniors, students and military - $15. Advance tickets at . Family rate for groups of 3 or more is $10 per person available only at the box office.
Don't miss this delightful fish story with its superb songs, enduring humor, and touching plot. See you at the Rivoli.

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