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November 1, 2023, Liberty, N.Y. Throughout its history Rolling V has been a target of acquisition by large national school bus operators due to its stellar reputation in school transportation. Repeatedly, the Vallone and DeSabato Families have denied such advances ultimately due to preserving the brand of Rolling V.  This time, things are different.  Rolling V has found a suitable buyer in a new group, Beacon Mobility. 

Suitable in the sense that for all intents and purposes nothing will change.  Rolling V is what it is today because of its people.  The drivers, monitors, mechanics, safety, and management team will all stay in place and continue to be led by the father son duo, Phil and Nick Vallone.  What Beacon mobility will bring, is a new set of resources and network of other recent and future acquisitions in New York and throughout the country.  Phil Vallone would be retained as an advisor to Beacon Mobility, Nick Vallone would remain at the helm of Rolling V and is being considered for a more robust role in overseeing additional operations under the Beacon Mobility umbrella in New York State.  Linda Kleingardner will remain as the Operations Manager and Safety Director.  These are posts she has held for many years.

The deal was consummated 11/1/23. The Vallone and DeSabato families are confident that they have found the right buyer that will uphold Rolling V’s commitment to its employees, customers and communities at large.  As time marches on – so does change.  While emotional for many, the family believes that it’s the right deal – at the right time and with the right people.  Aside from the ownership change - changes in the School Bus industry are coming pretty quickly.  Beacon will provide the resources necessary for Rolling V to stay competitive and ready for these changes.

“The stars aligned, and the time was right, we expect the partnership with Beacon to bridge good opportunities for all of our people, continue the same level of service and commitment to the community, and be positioned very well for the future. I cannot speak highly enough of the entire Rolling V team for their dedication, loyalty and attention to detail which allows us to fulfill our obligation to the communities we serve.”-Nick Vallone, Executive Vice President, Rolling V Corp.

About Rolling V Corp.

Rolling V Bus Corp. is a family-owned and managed full-service transportation company based in South Fallsburg, N.Y. It is known for exceptional school-bus services and provides regional charter coach services. Rolling V has provided safe and dependable transportation for more than 50 years. To learn more, visit

About Beacon Mobility.

Beacon Mobility is a growing family of transportation companies committed to serving the diverse needs of their customers. Now operating 23 local companies in 25 states, their experienced, compassionate, and dedicated team takes pride in their ability to create customized, mobility-based solutions that empower people to get where they need to go. To learn more, visit:

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