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Good Business

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January 20, 2020
Good Business
As the economic outlook in Sullivan County continues to be bright, more and more businesses are popping up in Sullivan County’s villages and towns.  This means existing businesses are working harder than ever to remain competitive.  One such way to remain viable in our county’s new business market is updating retail interiors.  Accessibility renovations have become de rigueur of the updated competitive business model. 
An example of one of the best renovations that preserved Sullivan County’s unique historic flavor but allowed the most people possible to shop their distinctive offering of goods was a Sullivan County retail business.  They made the smallest of accommodations but have received and continue to receive a large return on their tiny investment.  The retail business re-installed their point-of-sale counter to be lower, thereby accommodating a whole demographic of disabled persons the freedom to shop as easily as their non-disabled counterparts.  Further, this accommodation allowed the business to also hire someone with similar challenges opening-up a whole cadre of qualified applicants.  A real important point in Sullivan County where qualified employees are so in demand.
 Although significant renovations may trigger a requirement for major ADA upgrades, ADA compliance isn’t always difficult or expensive. Making a facility accessible to disabled individuals is the right thing to do. And it’s also a good business practice.
Jaime Schmeiser, President and CEO Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce

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