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Funding Resources for COVID - March 10, 2021

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March 10, 2021
COVID Economic Aid

Paycheck Protection Program
  1. New COVID Relief Program Report has been posted with top-line data as of 3/4/21 (this past Thursday).
                                Covering top-line data from PPP, Forgiveness, EIDL and the completed 2020 EIDL Advance
  1. New "Get help with your PPP loan page" (Spanish version), including info about PPP webinar series
  2. Updated First Draw (SP), Second Draw (SP), and Lenders (SP) pages to reflect new rules/docs below:
    1. New PPP IFR
    2. Revised First Draw and Second Draw forms (fillable versions coming tomorrow, translations after that)
    3. New First Draw and Second Draw forms for Schedule C filers (fillable versions coming tomorrow, translations after that)
    4. Revised PPP FAQs (translations coming)
    5. Revised PPP First and Second Draw lender forms
  3. Updated PPP loan-level data as of 3-3-21
Shuttered Venue Operator Grants
  1. The FAQs are updated (asterisks denote new items)
  2. The SBA has made available a Preliminary Application Checklist for potential applicants.
  3. There’s also a chart of SVOG Eligibility Requirements that has been added to the page.
  4. Tweak to "earned revenue" for third priority group
  5. Webpage now has links added to video tutorials
Note: the SVOG application release date is still TBD and the Agency hopes to have some more finite details soon.
Translations of COVID-19 EIDL FAQs are now posted in the language library. As a reminder, the English version at the top matches the translated versions below to help you find a specific document. We also have a document landing page for Spanish and the other 16 versions.
OIG/Scams & Fraud prevention
Revised translations of the fraud/scams notice are in the language library as well.

Jaime Schmeiser, President/CEO, (845) 791-4200

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